I’m bored with driving. I want to learn to drift.

It seems it takes 20 minutes to get everywhere. And my “free” pockets of time today are logistically non-functional.

8:40am – drive PinkGirl to dance camp
9:20 – home
10:00 – drive FavSon to work
10:20 – home
11:40 – go pick up PinkGirl from dance camp
12:20 – home
2:00 – go pick up FavSon from work
2:40 – home
Hopefully, I can squeeze in a workout/rehearsal on the treadmill before making dinner and heading out to praise team rehearsal tonight at 7pm. I hope I can fit a shower in there somewhere…

I don’t know if I could cut my drive time down, but at least the 20 would be more fun if I could learn to drift in a minivan…

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