three clues.

I admit it. I am tired. The hubs has been out of town since Sunday and I haven’t slept well. Combine that with the fact that I was the only on-duty go-to parent 24-7 all week and my children have worn me as thin as a 10 year old flip flop. I. am. tired.

Here’s what I will be unable to respond to with grace today:
yeahbuts. (excuses)

So if you witness me abruptly end an interpersonal interaction with with someone today, I just gave you three clues as to why.

The customer rep from Wells Fargo didn’t see it coming. I wonder if it matters that her sarcasm was recorded “for my protection.”

She thought I was trapped. That I had to do whatever she said, no matter how time consuming or task intensive on my part. She operated on the assumption that I had no other options and that she was under no obligation to give me any reasons. Because she didn’t explain anything – from why any of the steps were necessary to what would happen after each step, she left me with the impression that she was following a checklist. A checklist she didn’t understand.

Left me with NO confidence in her authority. The fact that she was condescending and sarcastic only strengthened my impression that she was insecure in that authority.

After she was finished telling me every step I had to do in order to access my account information now that my accounts have been switched from Wachovia, I told her I was going to table the process and take the weekend to think about whether I wanted to continue banking with Wells Fargo.

I think she was surprised. She actually stopped talking for a few seconds and then gave me a “yes, but…”

Since she was still exhibiting the same poor listening skills, I repeated myself, encouraged her to have a great weekend and freed myself from the conversation.


This isn’t my main checking account. I use it for convenience. Not so convenient right now. There’s nothing special about their services. And in order for me to be their customer I have to jump through a bunch of hoops. And I’m tired. No hoop jumping for me today, especially when the jumping instructions are being barked at me from someone who’s lost my confidence and respect. After I get some rest, I’ll probably decide to call back again. I’m betting I’ll get a different customer service rep the next time I call. If sarcasm and a condescending attitude are served up a second time…

buh. bye.

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