if I can’t work, I might as well sing.

trying to code merge forms for a client. clearly, I need diet coke and gum.

yo, cat: get your face OFF of my keyboard. bum.

this morning:
PinkGirl and FavoriteSon out of the house: check.
quiet, with “no interruption” potential: check.
Diet Coke: check.
gum: check.
client server access: sigh. their gateway is down.
prayer journal: check.

this afternoon:
come on computer. MAN up!
I need to open another program now, so don’t be such a little girl!
Lord. Momma needs a new computer. Please, please bless me with more compensated work. A firm-wide client computer upgrade project would be EXCELLENT.

computer. you disappoint me. just reboot already.

later this afternoon:
Bad: Reinstalling software.
Good: $10 Software Download Insurance I bought.
Bad: My computer really needs to be completely wiped & reloaded, not just this 1 software program.
Good: Trying to focus on the good, because the thought of completely reinstalling my main work computer…don’t want to think about it.
Could be worse, so THANK YOU LORD that I have a no cost, although time intensive, option & backup computers!

a few minutes ago:
alright. who filled up my inbox when I wasn’t looking?
(please do NOT send me an email telling me YOU did)
Down to 1,418. don’t judge me.

Between multiple reboots, troubleshooting, uninstalling and reinstalling software – not to mention client server problems, I obviously wasn’t accomplishing much work using the computer, I decided to play this week’s praise team music on repeat all day while I waited. I think I might know these songs now…

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