PinkGirl’s conundrum: curiosity vs. aversion to learning

Nothing like a new washing machine to make me feel compelled to clean my laundry room…

Last night:
I’m currently observing the “no helping, no complaining” rule of our household.
Round One: Two guys vs. an outgoing dead washing machine.
Round Two: Two guys vs. an incoming craigslist washing machine.
I just have two questions: Where’s my camcorder? and
Is AFV still on the air or is it just in reruns?

I decided to keep my distance lest I be recruited. I’m no dummy.

A little later:
PinkGirl, inspecting our “new” top load washer: “Mom, I don’t understand this. How does it work?”
Me: “oh, don’t worry, I’ll teach you!”
(I am SO glad to have a top load washer again! Now, when I need to throw in just one more thing, I can get the door open! and if someone accidentally washes an ipod, we can fish it out before it goes through the entire wash cycle while we stand helplessly by and watch it.)

Even later:
PinkGirl just opened the new top load washing machine to watch it spin and it came to a stop: “Mom, I still don’t get it. How does it actually CLEAN the clothes?”
Me: (it was 10:15pm for cryin out loud): “Ask your dad.”
PinkGirl, under her breath: “I really don’t want to hear ‘geek talk’ right now.”

This morning:
This morning PinkGirl asked me AGAIN how our new top load washer cleans the clothes.
Me: “you know, I got two comments on facebook suggesting you look it up yourself.”
PinkGirl: “I don’t wanna LEARN! It’s SUMMER!”
Me: “Then why are you asking questions?”
PinkGirl: “cuz I’m bored.”
Me: “oh, I can help you with THAT.”

2 thoughts on “PinkGirl’s conundrum: curiosity vs. aversion to learning

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I hear “I’m bored” once a year. My kids know – then forget – that at our house, those words are ALWAYS met with “Here’s a list of chores I need help with.” This year, it took 2.5 hours on the very day school got OUT for the summer until the “I’m bored” was uttered. I ticked off my to-do list. The 9yo looked at me, thought a moment, and said, “I’m not bored anymore. I’m gonna go play on the Wii!” The words haven’t been uttered since!

  2. Just found your site…love it! When we were in school the mention of “I’m bored!!” meant that mom would pack us up and take us to a soup kitchen, mission, orphanage, or the local university for some research. If we didn’t have a topic to research, she was all too happy to supply one!! Now summers and thanksgivings don’t feel the same without voulunteering somewhere and all my friends wonder why I know so much “useless informartion!”. 😀

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