test of faith.

Faced a test of faith today.

I often say that God loves my kids more than I do. Today, I had a choice: prove I believe it or hold on to my facade of control with a white knuckled grip.

I was working downtown and as it got later and later I knew I wouldn’t finish what I was doing in time to pick PinkGirl up after school. Do I leave my client, work unfinished, pick up PinkGirl and return to the client’s office tomorrow to wrap things up?


Do I keep working and . . . ask FavoriteSon to drive his baby sister home from school?

It would be the first time he drove her anywhere WITHOUT ME.

And it was raining.

I was wavering. Making a mental checklist of what I had finished, verses what was still left to do. But right in the middle of deciding which of my client’s employees I would abandon until tomorrow, this question came barreling at me:

“Do you believe it or not?”

“yeh, I believe it, but . . . ”

I had nuthin.

I didn’t have one good reason not to ask FavoriteSon to drive his sister home. They’re on the same campus, they get out of school within 30 minutes of each other and neither one had an after school activity. To top it off, he had driven home from school many, many times last year while he had his learner’s permit – but I was always in the car with them.

The ONLY reason I didn’t want to ask him is that I didn’t want him to drive her anywhere without me.
(Because my presence alone is enough to protect a vehicle from being involved in an accident. umm hmm.)

So I made the call. Actually, I made four calls:
1. One to the school office before his classes ended to ask that he be given a message in case he didn’t check his cell phone.
2. Then I called his cell after his classes ended.
3. Then I called a few minutes later to make sure he got her at after care during the “grace period” before they charged me, and
4. Then I called the house about 30 minutes later to make sure they were home.

See what I mean about “control?” Let’s just add the word “freak” on the end of that right now.

Will it be easier for me to trust God to protect my children the next time I need FavoriteSon to drive his sister somewhere?

defini . . .

probably not.

One thought on “test of faith.

  1. I think it comes with practice – or maybe just being worn down! I am the youngest of 5. By the time I came along, a full 18 years after the firstborn, my mom had NO PROBLEM letting the older sibs take me anywhere, anytime! lol On horses, tractors, in the front seat of cars (no seatbelts, of course!), on the back of motorcycles (no helmets!)…….. Trust? Or Tired? 🙂 And you see how I turned out. 🙂 Oh, wait……..

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