fight the frump: August fitness goals

In my continuing quest to be a good steward of this body God has blessed me with, I’ve set my August fitness goals.

How did I do in July? shhhhhh. Let’s not talk about it. July was pitiful.

pit. i. ful.

no excuses. wasn’t sick, not overwhelmingly busy, just easily found other things to do.

But I MISS sweating, believe it or not. And I miss the sore muscles that come with the knowledge and satisfaction of working them to failure. The way I see it, strength training that doesn’t fail the muscle is a waste of time – and if I’m going to take the time to do strength training, I want the time to be well spent.

But I digress.

It’s the fourth day of August and I’m back on track with my fitness goals. Here’s what I’m shooting for this month:

In addition to averaging two 6.5 incline miles & one 2 minute forearm plank EVERY day,

I’m trying a three day rotation this month:

1st Day – Work Upper Body
(20 BOSU push-ups, 20 shrugs (holding a 12 lb dumbbell in each hand), 30 tricep dips, 3 sets of “21s”)

2nd Day – Work Lower Body
(20 Lunge Walking Steps, 20 one leg chair squats, 40 Abductor Leg Lifts, 40 Adductor Leg Lifts (ALL each leg), (2) 30 second wall squats)

3rd Day – Work Core
(20 balance ball back extensions, 15 (each arm) bent rows, 20 balance ball oblique crunches each side, 20 Jackknife Sit-ups), 10 balance ball leg lifts

sweat and repeat.

And my FAVORITE yoga classes start up again the week of August 22nd!

So far, so good. To check my progress, CLICK HERE to see my fitness log.

One thought on “fight the frump: August fitness goals

  1. A fitness center is opening up in our local shopping center in September. I’m beyond THRILLED. I don’t have the discipline to do it on my own, but having someone–some PLACE–push me is good. Very good. I’m extremely unhappy with how I look (I know Jim is too), so while I won’t be following your plan (planking? BOSU? Just gimme a treadmill!), I will be trying to honor God by treating my body better once school starts. Or at least, once SnapFitness opens!


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