i’ll stay where you send me.

Lord, please give me courage.

Bless me with wisdom and words of grace and unflinching honesty.

Please Lord, place your hand at the small of my back and guide me. Please place your hand of restraint on my shoulder when I am overcome by pride or anger so I won’t say things that are unedifying. Please please empty my mind of distractions and open my heart to your presence. Help me to focus not only my eyes on you, but my hope also. You alone can redeem this seemingly hopeless circumstance.

Your way is the best way.

I’m just whining because I don’t know what that is. And it’s slow. so. slow.

Please bless me with encouragement, Lord. Please, please, please – don’t let me fail to understand and do my part in Your perfect story.

stay where you send meI want to stay where you send me
but I’d rather leave this place.
Lord, I’ll go where you keep me
plant my feet to run this race.

You stay with me
when I doubt
You hold me up
when my hope runs out.

You give me my portion
You fill me up
manna for one more day
Your faithfulness is enough.

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