I suppose this means I’m officially a “recording artist.”

Merry Christmas! Here's a link to the Christmas song I just released - available on Amazon and itunes for 99 cents: "Bells of Christmas Medley" It's a medley of: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, Ring the Bells and Carol of the Bells and every vocal you hear is mine. The distributor also posted … Continue reading I suppose this means I’m officially a “recording artist.”

Christmas shoes. seriously.

Buying some Rockports for FavoriteHusband on ebay so I had to sing: "I'm gonna buy these shoes..." (pause) Me: "It's like that song was intentionally written to make people cry. Just wanna find the guy who wrote it and smack him. It doesn't make sense. What little kid's gonna tell a cashier 'Mister, I wanna … Continue reading Christmas shoes. seriously.

a perfectly good cup of coffee, wasted.

When I told PinkGirl it was okay to put peanut butter on the snooze button of her dad's alarm clock as an April Fool's prank, WHY did it not occur to me that she would prank me too? I was leaving the house with my coffee this morning when my FAVORITEHusband asked, "umm honey, have … Continue reading a perfectly good cup of coffee, wasted.

little known facts: I am a Peep Hater

I haven't added to my "little known fact" list since January of 2011. It's way overdue for some attention. Here's #30: I would rather eat a Brussel sprout than a Peep. bleh. It's like goo with glitter on it. and again. bleh. and #31: I have absolutely no problem, however, purchasing Peeps for the sole … Continue reading little known facts: I am a Peep Hater

poor jack.

I've murdered jack. cut him up into small chunks. Now, I'm boiling jack. pureeing jack. and freezing liquified jack. soon I'm going to bake him in a few loaves of bread. later this month, we might even turn him into soup. poor jack. (and his friend, Harry Potter.) Check out the recipes - both with … Continue reading poor jack.

Halloween 2011

6:45am: Me, trying to wake PinkGirl this morning: "Good morning Ida." (her character in the play she's in rehearsals for) nothing. "Good morning, Luna" (the character she's dressing up as tonight) nothing. "Good morning, PinkGirl" nothing. "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" PinkGirl: "JUST A MINUTE. I'm almost finished with my dream." 1pm: I know some Christians have a … Continue reading Halloween 2011

baking is not my forte.

it's a BOXED cake mix, for cryin out loud. Attempt #1, which tasted like oil. I was supposed to be baking a cake shaped like THIS for a children's home: My cake was so flat it would have looked like the bunny was roadkill. (sorry kids) It was past midnight. I was leaning toward bailing … Continue reading baking is not my forte.

Wassail. revised.

(I originally posted this back in December of 2008, but I've made a revision since then. I used to float cloves in a coffee filter, sealed with a twist tie. Not very Martha of me, I know. But I'm reformed. Check out the photo below.) When I was in high school and college, I sang … Continue reading Wassail. revised.

well, you see officer . . .

So, the festive Christmas lights FirstHusband zip tied to the entire length of the luggage rack of my van work GREAT. The low beams on the headlights, however, do not work at all. If I can't get them fixed tomorrow, I either don't drive at night or annoy everyone by driving with the high beams … Continue reading well, you see officer . . .