Halloween 2011

Me, trying to wake PinkGirl this morning:
“Good morning Ida.” (her character in the play she’s in rehearsals for) nothing.
“Good morning, Luna” (the character she’s dressing up as tonight) nothing.
“Good morning, PinkGirl” nothing.
PinkGirl: “JUST A MINUTE. I’m almost finished with my dream.”

I know some Christians have a problem with Halloween, but in our house it has always only been about two things: costumes and candy. Like theater, but on a sugar high.

Any personal recommendations for spice/flavor if I attempt to roast these pumpkin seeds? And, I suppose, any instructions on how to roast pumpkin seeds? I can Google, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m still dealing with jack-0-lantern guts.

kids fed dinner. check
kids dressed in Halloween costumes. check
jack-o-lanterns carved. check.
pumpkin guts cleaned up…kinda.
mini-Snickers in the freezer. check.

7:45pm: There’s a guy driving down my street in a golf cart, pulling a lighted, homemade mini-Halloween float with kids on it. #toomuchtimetoomuchmoney

The witch from Snow White, painted by MY DAD! Unfortunately, there’s something about her that says: “Don’t wait for someone to open the door, just go ahead – reach out and open it yourself! Had to lock the door between trick-or-treaters!

8:45pm: A tiny little boy pulled down the bowl of candy I was holding to look for a lollipop, which I didn’t have. PinkGirl chased him down the sidewalk to give him one from her pillowcase.

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2011

  1. Bless PinkGirl’s heart! Yeah, I’m one of those Hallowe’en-lovin’ Christians. Some folks just don’t understand, but I’ve always loved the play-acting.

  2. We used to do the harvest party thing b/c Halloween is my least-favorite of the “holidays”. Then one year we were running very late and decided to do the trick or treat thing. It wasn’t all that bad, so we kept on doing it. I’m just glad we’re past it and can focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas now!

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