Permission Marketing vs. Push Marketing
build a more effective email list.

Some unsolicited advice to anyone trying to reach potential clients or customers:

INVITE ME to Join Your Mailing List, DON’T ADD ME Without Permission. It just alienates us and fills your email list with people who aren’t your target audience.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten an email from an acquaintance who, because they HAD my email address, they added it to their marketing email list.

Sometimes, they got it because they gained access to a group list and poached it.
Sometimes they got it because I was a co-recipient of a group email they also received.
And sometimes, acquaintances have just arbitrarily added me because I’d sent them an email in the past.

Resist the temptation to build a mailing list this way.

It builds a fake list. It results in a mailing list of people who never expressed interested in whatever it is you sell.

Personally, there’s NOTHING that makes me UNsubscribe from a list faster, while at the same time lowering the professional respect for, and credibility of, the sender in my mind.

Every time I get an email from someone who does this, my impression is that they need to research and study marketing, specifically permission marketing vs. push marketing.