12 Normal and Not-So-Normal Lighting Decor Ideas.
Unique Lighting Ideas

I’m not a big decorator. I don’t have a knack for putting together a cohesive design and I can’t tablescape to save my life. Put me on a committee to cater a meal and I know how to feed people, but unless there’s someone else on the committee who is blessed with the gift of decorating, there will be no tablecloths and the utensils will be in the plastic box they came in next to the buffet line.

When it comes to decorating, I know what I like when I see it and I tend to gravitate to the unusual; stuff you don’t see that often. As a result, I tend to have a very eclectic looking home. One thing I’ve discovered is that I like is lighting. I have all of the following lighting options in my house right now except number 8 and it’s on my Amazon Wish List. So, if you are looking for some unique lighting ideas, here’s my list of 12 normal and not-so-normal suggestions to light your home:

Flameless CandleGift IdeaPandaing Large Set of 9 Flameless Candles Battery Operated LED Pillar Real Wax Flickering Electric Candles with Remote Control Cycling 24 Hours Timer – These candles were a great buy – I’m very happy with them! Nine candles with remote and memory timer. Turn them on, set the timer and they run for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours, then turn themselves off until 24 hours after the time you turned them on. Constant glow or flickering glow, with a dimming option. And the a happy accident/bonus is that the remote for these candles also control the flameless candle set below. That means I can split both sets of candles between the upstairs and downstairs, because I have one remote upstairs and one downstairs.


Flameless Candle Gift IdeaFlameless Candles, Led Candles Set of 9(H 4″ 5″ 6″ 7″ 8″ 9″ xD 2.2″) Ivory Real Wax Battery Candles With Remote Timer by (Batteries not included) – Also controlled with a remote, these work exactly like the set above but are smaller in diameter. Great for grouping together. I have three of different heights on one large candle holder meant for a 5 inch width candle. The three flickering multi-level lights are subtle and pretty. If you click the link to see these on amazon, check the listing for exact measurements for the different sets/options before you buy so you won’t be surprised or disappointed by accidentally ordering the wrong size.



Flameless Votive Candle Gift Idea
Flameless Candles Tea Lights with Remote – Votive LED Tea Light with Timer – Realistic Flickering TeaLights – Fake Candles – Battery Operated Candle 200 Hours – Holiday Decoration 12 Set x 1.8″
– I will never buy flameless votives without a remote again. I don’t use them every day, so I turn them on and off when I need to. Picking each one up individually and manually turning the switch for 12 individual votives gets annoying – and I have three sets of 12 votives. These are great! Solid glow or flickering, a dimming option and a 2,4,6 and 8 hour cycling timer to help save the batteries when I forget to turn them off. And don’t forget extra batteries: LiCB 10 Pack CR2450 Battery 3V Lithium CR 2450


Broadway Dressing Room Lights Gift IdeaLinkable Vanity Mirror Lights, BWL Makeup Mirror Light Bulb, Hollywood Style Dressing Bulb Kit with 10 Cosmetic Dressing Bulb, Makeup Vanity Light Kit, Dimmable lighting, Strip Vanity Set for Dressing – Bought these for my daughter’s room to frame the mirror mounted on the wall in front of her vanity. She loves them! Simple on/off or dimming function. Easy to install adhesive stickers that are still holding strong after more than a year.



Salt Lamp Gift IdeaCrystal Allies Gallery: CA SLS-PILLAR-14cm Natural Himalayan Pillar Salt Lamp on Wood Base with Cord, Light Bulb & Authentic Crystal Allies Info Card – This immediately reminded me of the stones from the movie, The Fifth Element and although I felt like I should buy four, I only had a place to put two. Put them both on a timer because I figured I would forget to turn them on. Maximizes the light bulbs life too.
Here’s a link to the replacement bulbs: 15 Watt Salt Lamp Bulb (Night Light) – 6 pack (6)
and the timer I use: 7-Day Programmable LCD Digital Electrical Timer Switch with 3-prong Outlet


Christmas Story Leg Lamp Gift IdeaA Christmas Story 20 inch Leg Lamp Prop Replica by NECA – I actually have this lamp. My daughter gave it to me for Christmas a number of years ago. Some might assume it’s a Christmas decoration, displayed for a month and put away for the rest of the year. Nope. It’s on a bookshelf in my bedroom, year round. Right in front of a window.



LED TV Backlight, Maylit 2M/6.56ft RGB Neon Accent LED Lights Strips for 40 to 60 in HDTV Neon Light Bias Lighting with Remote, USB LED Strips TV Backlight – Nice, peaceful ambience with easy installation and for very little cost.



Cinema Light Box,Delicacy A4 Size Cinematic Light Box Light Up LED Letter Box with Total 189 Characters and Colorful Symbols(104 Letters and 85 Symbols)Fun or functional. Motivational quotes, retail notices, fun messages you can change seasonally or for special occasions.



SEEOU 20 LED Wine Bottle Lights with Cork, 10 Pack 3.3ft/1m Craft Cork Copper Wire Starry Fairy Lights, Battery Operated String Lights for DIY Events Party Wedding Christmas Halloween (Cool White) – I had previously purchased a bottle light, but the design was different – a single bulb in the bottom of a cork-like case. It worked, but the light was SOOO dim. THIS design looks even better! Note: The original batteries didn’t last long, but the replacement batteries are holding out great!



Star Wars Death Star Lamp Gift IdeaMeiTuKanKan 3257 the Force Awakens Multi-Colored Table Lamp 3D Death Star Bulbing Light for Star Wars Fans

Bought these Star Wars lamps for my son two years ago and they are still going strong! Color changing, timer feature, remote controls. EXCELLENT! Powered with USB chargers. (we had to buy longer USB cables because he wanted to put them on a high shelf.)


Millennium Falcon Lamp Gift IdeaMulti-colored 3D Millennnium Falcon Light Star Wars Wood Mood Lamp Lighting




Uncle Milton Star Wars Deluxe Lightsaber Room Light – 8 Different Blade Handheld Remote – I saved the best for last. This has been in my son’s room for years and is still going strong. Great ambient light! It does time out, which some people hate, but I think that’s why its lasted so long! I’m sure we would forget to turn it off.


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