the living room makeover. the library.

If you missed Part I and Part II of this living room makeover, CLICK HERE and HERE to see those photos.

This weekend, we’re installing baseboard in the game room, and hopefully we’ll reload all the furniture in that room and finish laying the new flooring in the kitchen. But this is what we did LAST night!


Check out my very own LIBRARY wall!

and yes, those shelves block off an opening between two rooms, but we LIKE it that way. The other side is what the floor plan called the formal dining room, but we’ve used it as a play room/game room for over 10 years. The books on these shelves will provide a sound barrier between the two rooms that I’ve wanted for a very long time!

There’s plenty of time to have a formal dining room. After my kids grow up. maybe. (more likely it will turn into a workout room.)

We have SO much to do this weekend. But FirstHusband is using power tools and doing math with a protractor to calculate baseboard angles, so I’m rearranging books in my new library! Here’s a WIP shot:


Check back. More photos to come.

underwear. revisited.

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer has a “greatest hits” theme going at Works for Me Wednesday this week, so I’ve decided to pull out the underwear.

The Underwear Principle, that is.

This post gets more hits on my blog than any other, largely due to my long time friend, Charlene Davis over at Busy Mom’s Recipes! She linked to the Underwear Principle and her people just keep coming!

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