Miley’s embarrassed.

I’m disappointed. She’s embarrassed. But at least she apologized. I still had to talk to my 7 year old about it.

I began the conversation by telling PinkGirl that “Miley let a photographer take a picture of her holding a blanket in front of her – but she wasn’t wearing a shirt.”

PinkGirl’s response?


Can’t answer that one. But we talked about the possibilities.

Miley issued a statement apologizing to her fans, but what’s done is done.

I’m just as uncomfortable with the photos Bill Reilly talks about. There’s no “art” to “misinterpret” (Annie Leibovitz’s response). These are a glimpse into her personal life. Her personal, private life. In this age of cell phone cameras and digital photography, personal privacy is much more difficult to maintain and demands the highest level of discretion.

PinkGirl and I have a LOT more talking to do.

One thought on “Miley’s embarrassed.

  1. I agree, I actually thought the ones with her dad were worse, even though she had more clothes on in those. But over the last month other pictures have surfaced of herr flashing her bra and such and posing provocatively with friends. Such a shame, I really thought there was finally a positive role model out there.

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