reading from the outside in

It’s a little chaotic this week, so I’m “re-purposing” a previous post for my “Works for Me Wednesday” contribution.

A while back I wrote about what I learned when “auditing” my son’s summer speed reading course. It was $300, so by “waiting for him” in the back of the classroom, I felt like it was really $150 per person.

These simple changes can really make a difference when it comes to reading speed and memorization. Check out this post over at Pragmatic Communication entitled “reading from the outside in.

This REALLY works for me!

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  1. Thanks, I would have missed that post. It was very informative. I sometimes will do that, look at the end of the chapter to see if there is a summary. I never really thought much of it, but now I will. My daughter is entering middle school, so I’m going to tell her your tips! Thanks again! That was great of the teacher to let you sit in the back as well.

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