my tribute to steve.

I have a confession to make. I love the original Blues Clues.

With Steve.

I love Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, little Paprika and even baby brother, Cinnamon. I still know the mail song, and am still kinda ticked that I can’t skidoo. When Steve sang with Ray Charles? very cool. When Julia Louis Dryfeus read about slippers? timeless. I love the planet song because it taught Me the order of the planets. I love that Steve snuck in some sign language and that he played his role with such commitment.

I admire his willingness to make fun of himself:

And when I really need someone to understand, I always know I can talk to him.

I also love his “Songs for Dustmites” album:

Here’s Mighty Little Man

and What I Do on Saturday “I’m just a boring example of everybody else . . . ”

Most of all, I love the song, “A Sniveling Mess” “Will you love me if I’m a mess? (Hold on) I want to make sure you comprehend. (Hold on) I need you to be comfortable. Did you understand? Did you understand what I am?”

So, Steve? You are affirmed.

And Lisa, from Domestic Accident, if I’ve lost your respect, then . . . well . . . so be it. I am not ashamed. I’m a mess.

4 thoughts on “my tribute to steve.

  1. I liked the oranges song. You know, “oranges grow on trees on trees, oranges grow on treeees. Potatoes grow down down in the ground they grown down in the ground…”

    MemarieLane – I asked FavoriteSon, “Do you remember the ‘orange’ song from Blue’s Clues?” He recited it EXACTLY as you did. freaky freaky. (by JSM)

  2. ::sshhhh:: Don’t tell Hubs, but I have a crush on steve-o.


    Leslie – me too. He can draw clues, he can sing, he can figure out clues, he now OWNS the thinking chair – what’s not to love? Seriously. His “Dustmite” cd? the lyrics are deep poetry. (by JSM)

  3. Oh, I remember when Steve left; my friend and I were so sad watching his final show and then felt so silly for being so sad! Not long after that, my boys essentially outgrew Blue’s Clues so my memory of Steve remains essentially unmarred by his replacement…

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