my tribute to steve.

I have a confession to make. I love the original Blues Clues.

With Steve.

I love Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, little Paprika and even baby brother, Cinnamon. I still know the mail song, and am still kinda ticked that I can’t skidoo. When Steve sang with Ray Charles? very cool. When Julia Louis Dryfeus read about slippers? timeless. I love the planet song because it taught Me the order of the planets. I love that Steve snuck in some sign language and that he played his role with such commitment.

I admire his willingness to make fun of himself:

And when I really need someone to understand, I always know I can talk to him.

I also love his “Songs for Dustmites” album:

Here’s Mighty Little Man

and What I Do on Saturday “I’m just a boring example of everybody else . . . ”

Most of all, I love the song, “A Sniveling Mess” “Will you love me if I’m a mess? (Hold on) I want to make sure you comprehend. (Hold on) I need you to be comfortable. Did you understand? Did you understand what I am?”

So, Steve? You are affirmed.

And Lisa, from Domestic Accident, if I’ve lost your respect, then . . . well . . . so be it. I am not ashamed. I’m a mess.