milk chaser.

I’ve mentioned before that we love watching MythBusters. And by “we” I mean FirstHusband, FavoriteSon, PinkGirl and myself. All of us. I even think the cats watch. I think they watch our MythBuster DVDs when we’re not home. Somebody is leaving them out of the case. Bob (a cat) looks guilty to me. Or maybe that’s just because of what he did to the carpet.

But I digress. MythBusters. Sneaky, fun education. We learn a LOT. (FirstHusband and FavoriteSon heckle a few things too.) In addition to the Mentos/Diet Coke phenomenon, one thing we’ve learned is how to take away “the burn” when eating spicy foods.


FavoriteSon decided to perform his own test. He gathered up the bottles of hot sauce he got his dad for Christmas. (It’s a little game they play every year.) Bottles with names like “Smokin’ Toncils,” “Temporary Insanity” or “Blow Torch” on the labels. FavoriteSon picked a bottle and dipped a toothpick inside.

He popped the toothpick in his mouth.

Took the toothpick out.



And then grabbed his pre-prepared glass of milk. Then, wishing he had filled the glass, he left skid marks on the way back to the fridge for more.

But it worked.

A learning experience for him. Entertainment for the rest of us. The cats didn’t want to try it.

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13 thoughts on “milk chaser.

  1. That works for getting the burn off your hands when handling jalapenos or hot chiles, too. Just wash your hands in milk.

    Stephanie – I didn’t know that! THANKS! I have a recipe that calls for chopped jalape├▒os and whenever I need them, I stock up and freeze, so I inevitably get the “burn” under my fingernails. Lasts for hours. Next time, I try the milk. Thanks again! (by JSM)

  2. I like the CONCEPT of Mythbusters. They just take too darn LONG to do their thing! If it went twice as fast or half as long, I’d watch it.

    But if you like that show, you’ll LOVE It is the online, print version of Mythbusters. And you’ll know about glurge and hoax stuff before your well-intentioned but annoying friends send it to you via email! (-:

    Debbie – I LOVE I’m the annoying killjoy who – upon receiving an email from someone who has addressed it to 50 of their closest friends – will click “reply to all” and send EVERYONE a link to the snopes page which discredits both the email and the sender. THAT’s how to get yourself removed from those list. heh. heh. heh. (by JSM)

  3. Sooo, cats leaving the DVDs out of the cases? Guess the Underwear Principle doesn’t work with cats! ­čÖé

    Love your Snopes reply. I’m a Snopes gal too.

  4. Let me see. Your family has names like FirstSon and PinkGirl. But your cat is, um, Bob.

    I love it! You sound like Good Folks!

    Moe – Thanks for the compliment! And the cat’s name really is Bob. No pseudonym for the cats. Bob has a sister, “Boo” and they look VERY much alike. Long haired black cats. They keep the vacuum cleaner very busy in this house! We can tell them apart, but it takes a while for friends and family. (by JSM)

  5. love that show! as kids me and my sibs discovered the milk trick. it really does work well.
    and… i have a long haired black cat named Boo, too.

  6. My oldest son is a hot sauce taster as well. He competes with his dad for who can handle it. The rest of us just purse our lips and shake our heads and stay very far away!

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