“Houdini” it is!

Well my sister and her husband have already found a nickname for their little bundle! I wrote in my last post that I was trying to decide upon a pseudonym I could use until he developed a personality trait that warranted a more personal nickname. At less than a day old, he had already “made a name for himself.”


While his parents do call him by his real name, they have referred to him many times as “Houdini” because the little stinker can escape a swaddle in 5 seconds flat. I know in the last post I boasted that I still remembered how to “swaddle well enough to overcome the escaping arm” – and I still can. But after I watched him sleep, with his arms flung over his head like he’s riding a roller coaster, I don’t have the heart to do it. He seems to love the freedom.

It is so funny to watch him stretch. My sister said he used to stick his fists in her ribs and stretch all the time.

He can also wiggle his little fingers out of the built in mittens on the end of his sleeves and work his feet out the bottom of the drawstring bottom of his little gown. I suspect he will pull off socks the first time they touch his feet. FavoriteSon mastered that pretty early.

I’ve assured my sister that I will let her hold her baby soon. For a few minutes. Maybe while he’s nursing.


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