freakish kitchen organization

Shannon, over at Rocks in My Dryer is hosting a themed edition of Works for Me Wednesday. Today is all about kitchen organization! Since it’s Whale of a Sale time and I’m sorting hundreds of books and alphabetizing by author until I literally can’t remember how to spell, I’m maximizing my time (cheating) and highlighting previous posts about my kitchen.

My favorites are:

the good, the bad and the ugly (kitchen cabinets)

veggie box (our key to 5 minute meal preps)

freakish coffee station

freakish junk drawer

five minute sink (two of my biggest strategies for getting things DONE.)

lunchbox flatware (no more missing place settings)

AND, Shannon’s theme has also prompted me to organize my “recipes” page, above. It was missing quite a few posts but now – I think – it is up to date! Just in time for Thanksgiving pumpkin soup!

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