bake ahead egg patties

Back in March, I posted a recipe for Bake Ahead Egg Muffins (with a print friendly PDF version). The Sunday before last, I took about 20 to 30 minutes to whip up a batch of egg/cheese/spinach/sausage goo – but I didn’t bake muffins. I baked two 9×12 pans and then cut squares. The squares fit nicely on a piece of toast.

This week, I again used the two 9×12 pans, but I used an empty (and clean) tuna can to cut circles to fit on an English muffin. I punched a hole in the bottom of the tuna can because I cut them hot and there was sputtering when I pressed down. I layered the patties between paper towels in containers to prevent sogginess and FavoriteSon had the first one this morning. Score! We now have 14 more patties in the fridge. Along with the leftover remnants after cutting all those circles.

Me? I put the remnants on a piece of toast. Such a visual example the wasted space resulting from round containers. I’ll say it again. I HATE round containers.

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6 thoughts on “bake ahead egg patties

  1. Cut them in squares/retangles next time and they will fit the toast better and no remnants.

    Kim – Yep, I cut them in squares last week, but FavoriteSon wanted English muffins this week, so I conceded. I don’t mind eating the remnants on my toast. (by JSM)

  2. Guess I’m confused about the 12 servings of egg whites. Is this a pkgd food you buy or do you use 12 whole eggs and 12 whites only (tossing out or using the yolks for another recipe)? How long do you pop them in the microwave for?

    Ryann – You can do either. I use a product called “All Whites” One patty warms up in the microwave in 30 to 45 seconds(by JSM)

  3. Thanks JSM!

    Ryann – You’re most welcome! And for the record, on a Sunday night, I made two 9×12 pans, got (I think) 14 patties and we ate the last two this morning – which is Wednesday, 10 days later. (We didn’t eat them every day. That would be boring.)

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