the chop wizard dices again!

I’ve already posted my contribution for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays for this week, but Tammy asked for other ways to dice carrots, so . . .


I did need to cut the carrot in half to fit on the grate and the smaller grate needed extra pressure, but it worked great – as usual! I’ve posted before about what my Vidalia Chop Wizard! can do.

5 minute diced peppers
5 minute onions in a flash (freeze)

It’s the handiest gadget in my kitchen. Besides the speed, do you know my favorite part? It’s dishwasher safe.

2 thoughts on “the chop wizard dices again!

  1. OH MY WORD!! Thank you for the fusible tape idea! I have a favorite shirt that is losing it’s stitching at the bottom. My sewing skills stop at buttons. THANK YOU!!!

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