welcome to my world, MrJAK

My mom didn’t go into the rehab facility yesterday, something about being evaluated and the doctor needing to order it . . . anyway, my mom’s friend, MrJAK called to update me today.

He took her to the emergency room to force the issue. Currently she is in the ER, waiting for someone to authorize rehab. She still has severe edema – about 20 pounds of water. She’s breathing with difficulty and oxygen. While she can walk, it’s is slow and difficult. Her blood pressure is high and her heart rate is around 120 – while she’s on XANAX! So in addition to learning about HFCS today, I’m also reading up on Tachycardia.

I did get a laugh today, though. MrJAK, while talking about my mom, said:

(sigh) “You know, Julie . . . your mother has a little bit of an attitude problem.”

I swear, I’m glad I did not have a mouthful of coffee or I would be smelling hazelnut for the rest of the day.

An attitude problem.


I’ll keep that in mind.

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