little of this. little of that.

Random Thought #1: Both my children have fallen off the chore band wagon. I’m not sure what happened, but we are all flippin’ exhausted, so I’m thinking we need a major schedule review. Our color coded calendar is starting to look like a rainbow for November and December. I must stop the madness.

Random Thoughts #2: Last Thursday was a “casual” day for PinkGirl. I dropped her off at school, she walked right past the principle and about 5 other teachers, cheerfully greeting them all. I assumed that, when they returned the greeting, they saw her. Silly me. An hour and a half later, the phone rings and this little voice says:

“Mommy, I need different pants. My shorts are too shorty short.”

I didn’t think so, but I drove to school with jeans for her. Then I had to turn around and go back with a belt because she is so skinny, the jeans wouldn’t stay up and the band of her underwear showed in the back when she sat down.

Random Thought #3: We’ve started putting up some of our Christmas decorations. I’d like to blame Memorie Lane, but I take full responsibility. Right now, there are numerous musical characters lining my stairs. Santa Scooby Doo is the only motion sensor character and I turned his butt off. Literally. His on/off switch is on his butt. All the other characters have a button to push or a paw to squeeze. PinkGirl’s current favorite is the dancing chick. I just have one question. How is the Chicken Dance a Christmas song?


Random Thoughts #4: I had my first facial and I broke out within 48 hours – for the first time in, I don’t know – ever. What’s the deal with that? And what are the benefits of the “pumpkin and yam enzyme” goo that was spread all over my face? My skin smelled like Thanksgiving. My few and far between spa dollars are better spent on massage. I’ll do my own facials.

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  1. Oh my… I am laughing at this post.. the thoughts and complexities of the Momma brain…or maybe it’s the madness 🙂 Too funny! I can’t think about Christmas yet…nope nope… have to wait until AFTER birthday month over here and then Thanksgiving.

    Happy Friday to you! Amy

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