excuse me, you have glitter on your . . .

Although Tina has inspired this post, she has not inspired me to craft.

Crafts make me break out in clutter. And hives.

Last Wednesday, I took PinkGirl to the kid’s activities at church. They were making “Chrismons” and she took one look at the craft table and shot a wide-eyed, drop-jawed look at me. I shook my head, waved and mouthed, “It’s okay, go ahead.”

The mom standing next to her was confused until Pinkgirl told her:

“My mom says glitter is evil.”

Oh chillax, CraftyMoms. Nobody ever died from living a life without glitter.

And I let her make the Chrismons, after all. Then I said a huge thank you prayer to God that the kids were making Chrismons for delivery to a nursing home the following Wednesday – and NOT to bring home.

oh, and CraftyMom? you have a little piece of glitter on your face. oh, and on your shirt. and in your hair. and on your . . .

6 thoughts on “excuse me, you have glitter on your . . .

  1. Glitter is on everything these days. I try to avoid it like the plague. It is so hard to find a greeting card without glitter on it. I just bought some ornaments online that I thought was glitter free and come to find out, they aren’t. I bought a dozen of them. dang it. I’ve been giving them away like crazy! It’s like a parting gift – Nice to see you, take an ornament!

    Good for you for letting the PinkGirl participate. I love her reaction to the glitter. I would have totally enjoyed actually seeing it lol

  2. LOL!

    Even worse than glitter…..glitter glue.

    It NEVER EVER sets or dries but instead gets smudged on to all surfaces and clothing within a 5 mile radius…..OK, I am exaggerating….maybe only 3 miles.

  3. Thanks for the shout out!

    Unfortunately I gave birth to three wanna-be crafty kids. They desperately want to color, draw or do glittery things. I keep the glitter glue locked up tight for school projects only.

    At AC Moore I walked up to someone behind a counter to ask help with the ornaments and started with “I’m the least crafty person that ever walked the earth.” She nodded. There are a lot of us out there!

  4. I miss Chrismons — our church doesn’t do them right now — but I won’t be making them either. Nice to know there are other less-than-crafty moms out there in the blogosphere. Hilarious!

  5. Glitter IS evil, no doubt. And Emily is an artist. Oh well – she’ll have years to glitter up her own place.

    But I have to heartily disagree with Mocha with Linda. Scrapbooking is diametrically opposed to glitter and is definitely NOT evil – especially if you scrap digitally like I do!!

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