Have yourself a geeky little Christmas

FirstHusband is the head chef in this house on Christmas Day. He genuinely enjoys it! And he has a plan. It’s a serious plan. We all follow it. Wanna see last year’s plan? Click the link.

Christmas Prep Steps 2007

Did I mention he’s an engineer? We all just follow directions and the meal is always WONDERFUL and NOTHING is cold when it’s supposed to be warm or warm when it’s supposed to be cold. HE says the spreadsheet was necessitated after the year everything needed to be “plated” at the exact same time and we couldn’t pull it off. (I know he just wanted to build a spreadsheet.)

He literally FILLS the smoker with meat on Wednesday and gets up every 4 hours to tend to it Wednesday night. He comes back to bed smelling like mesquite and I could care less. It is SO worth it. He always smokes a turkey, but in past years he has also smoked pork loin, ribs, beef, lobster, prawns and brisket. This year, there’s a ham and a lamb shank in the freezer waiting their turn. It is going to be very, very good. He refers to it as “A Feast.” And he is correct.

So my contribution to Kitchen Tip Tuesday and Tempt My Tummy Tuesday? FirstHusband’s plan. And my contribution for Works for me Wednesday? Being married to a man who enjoys cooking. yep. That DEFINITELY works for me.

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6 thoughts on “Have yourself a geeky little Christmas

  1. OK – this tip is 16 tears too late, I am already married!

    My dh enjoys cooking the fancy stuff – when we have friends over for dinner….but not the every day boring stuff. He needs an appreciative audience for his efforts!


  2. I’d be happy if my husband would order pizza – he calls that “cooking.” And he doesn’t cook. At all. For any reason or occasion. Although, lately, he’s been “cooking” hot tea for breakfast (he’s been ill – maybe the fever has gotten to him).


  3. Hi! I see that you’ve been well….glad to hear it, er read it! You are so blessed by your husband, what a wonderful thing. I would love some of that smoked meat, you’re right a true feast! Blessings upon blessings to you this Christmas!


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