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About three years ago, I mentioned to a few people that I needed some good kitchen knives. The next Christmas was . . . very sharp. I got knives from my dad, my in-laws and FirstHusband.


Great knives – every one. Especially my favorite – the ceramic knife FirstHusband got me. (second from the left). The problem was that they didn’t match.

Then, walking through Bed, Bath & Beyond one day, FirstHusband found THIS:


Looks like a plain old knife block. Look closer.


It’s called a “Kapoosh ” (amazon product link) and it holds any knife, no matter the size.


To clean it, you just remove all the knives, turn it upside down and the plastic part comes completely out. I just wipe it down, fan it out and pop it back in. Kapoosh!


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8 thoughts on “knife kapoosh

  1. I meant the part about your husband walking through Bed Bath & Beyond–how did you manage that?

    Lisa – LOL!! He stays in the kitchen/cooking areas. If I asked him to get me a candle or a bed sheet, it would take him a while to find them. (by JSM)

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