“. . . therefore I quote” Pausch & Hartman

I read, therefore I quote.

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. ”
— Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture)

There’s a similar quote by Henry Hartman:

“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity”

My fear is that I’ll get what I’m asking for.

That would be singing and speaking work.

And I’m not sure I want it.

My other fear is that I won’t get any singing or speaking work.

I know. I’m so decisive.

I called my assistant pastor last week and told her that I was available to sing and/or speak at events. For years, I’ve been making myself UNavailable. She immediately had a few ideas and she asked me if I had any recordings of my singing or speaking. And now I’m on youtube.

And now I’m not sure I should be.

One of the youtube clips, “It is What is Is” (Squirrel in the Chimney) was from a Mother’s Day brunch last May. I accepted the invitation because it was local and only a few hours on a Saturday. So much fun! I had a GREAT time. But I had so many other things going on last year, I knew the timing wasn’t right.

A number of years ago, I led music and performed at a weekend retreat and was a key speaker at another. I left Friday afternoon and returned Sunday afternoon. A LOT of work, but a very comfortable fit. LOVED the experience. HATED being away from my family for the entire weekend. I missed EVERYTHING! With a husband who sometime travels and works late, weekends are FAMILY time. I didn’t – and still don’t – want to give that up. We don’t have that many years left until the kids have their own agendas on the weekend. It’s starting with FavoriteSon already.

And with a husband who sometimes travels and works late, evening speaking engagements aren’t really a good idea either. Years ago, we actually instituted a family “policy” about school nights. We don’t participate in activities that required weeknight involvement. We didn’t go to Wednesday night church for years because it ended AFTER PinkGirl’s bedtime. We tried it a few times, but Thursday mornings were HORRIBLE, and on Thursday afternoons after school my children were replaced by their evil, cranky twins.

But now, the kids are older. They stay up a little later. If they stay home alone they actually do what they’re supposed to do – like homework or cleaning up. Okay, they’re kids, so SOMETIMES they do what they’re supposed to do. The point is that FavoriteSon babysits his sister pretty well. She sometimes calls us to tell us NOT to come home because they’re having too much fun.

Now, my family could come with me if I travel. Now, for some reason, I’m thinking that leading a weekend retreat every once in a while wouldn’t be a bad idea. FirstHusband is interested in joining with some other dads at church who take their kids camping one weekend a month. And I would be home all weekend alone. I could relax and do nothing . . . but seriously. Regular readers. Can you see that happening? B O R I N G.

So. I opened a door. Now I prepare, because I believe Randy and Henry.

For me, preparing includes getting my voice into shape. I appreciate the compliments on the youtube videos, but I heard me too. I’ve got some serious work to do. My range is diminished, my breath control is weak and my repertoire is very thin. Since I do better with deadlines, I’m scheduling a recording session at a local school. I’ll be a student project. I’ve done it before and it was a great learning experience. There’s nothing like listening to yourself all alone on a track. eek. I can REALLY tell what I need to work on after that.

Preparing also means putting together some presentations. The hard part is deciding which topics to do first. If someone would just give me a topic, I could just do it. FirstHusband thinks I should create a presentation on “grace based parenting.” hmmm. Is he thinking I need a little reminding? Couldn’t hurt.

Preparing also means updating my website. I’m thinking. I’m learning.

I’m preparing for opportunity.

And hoping it occurs Monday through Friday during school hours.

7 thoughts on ““. . . therefore I quote” Pausch & Hartman

  1. I don’t know how you feel about a voice coach, but if you could visit one a few times I’m sure you could get some very good professional feedback about what is working and not working. I had a voice coach in HighSchool – it was my only extra curricular activity, besides my job – anyway, I loved it! I had a great voice and I could control it real well, but having her to help was amazing. I think that was the only time I’ve ever really enjoyed being told what to do LOL

    It is amazing how many people decide not to change even though the kids are – they want it to be the same. You are going with the flow of the household, yet obviously still in charge. That’s great! I think it will be good for everyone for the family to branch out and try new things. Cool.

    Kristin – I’ve actually already asked a voice coach to work with me! I’ve had years of voice lessons and coaching and I’m a big believer in continuing education! My favorite voice teacher taught me how to breathe properly by having me lay on a table with dictionaries stacked on my abdomen. He steadied the top of the stack and kept them from falling over and I had to lift the dictionaries up and down while I sang. I’ve never forgotten and I can tell in a second if I’m breathing lazy. (by JSM)

  2. As a mom first with a home based business that comes second to family obligations, my suggestion is to KEEP those guidelines for yourself. You’ll feel better about yourself AND your business if you do.

    No weeknight lectures? No problem! You are “unavailable” those nights. Or maybe you choose to do ONE or TWO weeknights a month. You might go so far as to pick the nights you want to work and call some groups or organizations to offer ONLY those PREFERRED NIGHTS for your speaking engagements.

    You’re ok being gone “every once in a while” on the weekends, right? What does that mean – once a year, once a quarter, once a month – or just on those weekends the kids and DH are camping? Spell it out NOW and you won’t feel like you are sacrificing family time for your fledgling business.

    People often wonder – or I perceive that people wonder – why I am waitressing when I have a master’s degree. The answer is that as far as 9-to-5 corporate America has come toward recognizing and validating the importance of family, most of 9-to-5 corporate America still wants the job to come first, NOT the family.

    The greatest benefit of having your own business is TRULY getting to put your family first in a very real and tangible way.

  3. Growing, growing, growing….

    Whatever direction you take will be good, as long as it’s what you feel in your heart is right.

    And let me know if you make your way out to western North Carolina.

  4. It’s like you just wrote out my life. I want to sing and speak, but there really isn’t a good time for me. My voice is out of shape, I have no songs ready. I have no clear topic to speak or write on. So I sit. Everyday. Actually, I’m very busy with our three sons, but not doing the things I want to do. Great post.

  5. I so understand what you are going through! My chosen profession, organizing, often has nights and weekends. Those are family times because Jim works so many hours. He’s supportive of me working them if I want, but I really want to be home with my husband! ARG!

  6. I know the Lord will bless your willingness to serve Him, speaking/singing or not speaking/singing! He knows the plans He has and He who began the good work will Himself bring it to pass!

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