free books!

I’ve taken action again!

I’ve listed some books on See something you want? Request it, it’s free! I’ll send it right out.

Not familiar with Paperback Swap? Here’s the short scoop. Free membership. You list 10 books and you become eligible to receive FREE books. The sender/lister is responsible for shipping costs. Supposedly, the book credits can be exchanged for credits on DVD Swap and CD Swap too, but I haven’t ordered anything from any of the three sites yet. I’m just purging excess books.

You know, taking ACTION to clear the clutter.

In other action news?

  • Still on track with the workouts.
  • Had the sonograms on Wednesday.
  • Moved the biopsy up to Monday.
  • Got sick this week and went to the doctor instead of . . . you know, not going to the doctor, which I tend to do (or not do as the case may be).
  • Took FavoriteSon to the doctor and RUSHED to get to the lab for bloodwork the same day instead of putting it off for days, and days, and days.
  • Made FavoriteSon an appointment with an allergy specialist on Monday because he is miserable and I’m tired of standing by helpless as he suffers from October to February EVERY year. We have exhausted all pediatric efforts. It’s time for the big dog. (which we don’t have, so he’s not allergic to that).
  • Volunteered at PinkGirl’s school for Fiesta week and delivered TWENTY 7 minute presentations on the sea turtles near and around Panama.
  • MUCH reading with highlighters in my quest to develop topics and prepare for opportunity.
  • Cleaned off my desk! Papers filed, shredded or thrown away!
  • Finally got a long over due cut and color today.
  • Ordered my dad a new cell phone because scotch tape doesn’t work on a broken antenna.
  • I even called my mother this week.

It’s Friday night, 11:12 p.m. and FavoriteSon’s last cough was heard 7 minutes ago. Hopefully he can get some much needed sleep. Unfortunately for him, the allergist needs him to be off antihistamines for 3 days prior to the appointment. So, he’s feeling “miserable,” as he put it. Last night we gave him some of my prescription cough suppressant and he slept all night – first time in a week. Praying for the same tonight. He’s exhausted.

One thought on “free books!

  1. Oh man! I just learned about paperswap… and I guess they also have cdswap and dvdswap… my goodness! So I need to do what you did and get those books up! How wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation to do that!

    And I have to tell you how incredible it the list is of all your actions!! Woo hoo!! Keep it up… you are such an incredible inspiration to so many, including myself!

    Hugs… Amy

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