action: clean inbox, refund, exercise log, extra battery.

Not a very creative post title, but this “action” thing is seriously working for me.

Clearing the Inbox. 510 emails in my email inbox down to 32 and still going. There are 13 email accounts coming into that thing. Mine, hubs, kids, business, etc. Subscriptions, confirmations, devotions, discount offers . . . not to mention the “real” emails I get. I wrote Outlook rules, I color coded, I unsubscribed, I filed, I deleted, I took ACTION. (and if you think it’s funny to email me right now to congratulate me . . . I’ll have a pizza with extra anchovies delivered to your door in less than 30 minutes.)

Got my $26.00 Back. Consumer Reports renewed my subscription even though I never updated my credit card expiration date. Intentionally. I didn’t WANT to renew because the last few times I’ve researched something the info has been out of date. The nice lady who spoke to me today said that since they didn’t hear from me, they processed the renewal anyway and it went through. She quickly and graciously refunded the subscription.

The Exercise Log. Totally working for me. Like now. I do NOT want to stop being a blogging bum and go walk right now. But I will. Be back later . . . I’m back. Already logged today’s workout.

No More Dead Cell Phone. My cell phone battery went dead again today. It seems I am incapable of charging my phone. I’ve known this about myself for years. It’s why I don’t have a bluetooth headset. I would have to charge it. I instead have a corded headset. Two, in fact.

To overcome my “charging challenged” self, I have owned two batteries and a battery/phone combo charger for my cell phones for years. When my battery goes dead I switch it out. Works GREAT for me. In December I FINALLY took the much needed action to upgrade my phone. However, I didn’t buy an extra battery or a battery/phone combo charger for my new phone. Did that today. $31.99 for both. Free shipping on eBay.

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One thought on “action: clean inbox, refund, exercise log, extra battery.

  1. Oh goodness, I missed WFMW?!! Talk about missing in action LOL I have been doing action right along with you. Thanks for keeping it in my mind. I have the extra battery thing for my camera. It is a real saver for me. I can manage the cell phone but not the camera.

    It’s good to know your strengths and weaknesses!

    Kristen – Ditto on the camera battery too! But we often carry the extra battery with us, just in case. (by JSM)

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