that’s just wrong.

So FirstHusband and FavoriteSon are in Washington DC for FavoriteSon’s 8th Grade Washington trip. Some of you already know I don’t post about travel until it’s over, but in this case, it’s almost over. They are traveling home tomorrow. Anyway.

I took PinkGirl to Disney’s Magic Kingdom today because her dad was on a field trip with her brother . . . on the day the 2nd graders were hosting a Father’s Breakfast, complete with poems and songs and Valentines. After discovering the conflict, she said,

“But . . . I can’t sing songs and say poems to everybody ELSE’S dad!”

So I said, “Well, how about we go to Magic Kingdom that day? Just you and me?”


That was the situation today. FirstHusband and FavoriteSon, in Washington DC and PinkGirl and I at Magic Kingdom. Here’s the text message string:

FirstHusband: “Standing in front of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

Me: “Standing in line for Small World, waiting on a Big Thunder Fastpass.”

Now that is just wrong. FirstHusband told FavoriteSon. “We are standing in front of what are, after the Bible, the three most important documents in the United States. Your mom is standing in line for Small World.”

a few minutes later.

Me: “Boat is stuck. Sing with us.”

FirstHusband: “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts . . . ”

Who knows why that is EXACTLY the right response? And funny. He truly is my density.

Stephanie at Scraps. You’re a movie person. Got it? Any moms? dads? PinkGirl got it immediately.

Give up? Here you go.

And a little more trivia? Who sings the coconut song?

Give up? Here you go.

3 thoughts on “that’s just wrong.

  1. Just think – you and I were nearly both on Small World in different Disneys in different continents at the same time – as the songs says….It’s a small, small world!

    We had a great trip to Paris, but wish we could have had the weather we got at WDW in Jan 06.

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