this and that

fighting a little something. kinda have that “pre” sick feeling. sore throat, chest congestion, sinus headache. but not bad. just enough to make me want to type in all lower case.

heating up the dry sauna in the garage so I can fake a fever and burn some germs, sweat out some toxins, clear my sinuses and my pores.

a little bummed because I want to have 5 minute morningstar burritos for lunch and we are out of black bean patties. don’t really want anything else. wanted them for dinner the other night too. have to go to the grocery store on the way home from after school pick up and get some or I’ll still be craving them tomorrow.

it’s dreary today. went to my personal trainer’s complex to do strength training this morning. raining too hard to walk outside, so on the way back from working out, I went by a health club that I haven’t been to since I started working out with my trainer. of course, I’ve been paying them $10 a month all this time anyway. got a new membership card and walked on the treadmill while it rained in sheets outside. but I had to. because I’m holding myself accountable on the internet.

worked a little today.

invoiced for January yesterday. this is a huge deal. I have a little problem with invoicing. I neglect it. I hope this action item (invoicing on time) sticks. it’s not like I can’t put the money to good use. i really need to keep on top of this. I got a little ahead and filled in february’s invoice with the hours I’ve worked so far this month.

I don’t want a brownie. I just thought I’d tell myself that.

I want to wear my sick pants tonight. what? you don’t have “sick pants?” everybody should have sick pants. flannel sick pants.

sauna’s hot now. gonna go burn germs.

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