This post brought to you by the letter “H”

Lisa at Lisa Writes, asked for participant’s in this particular meme and, always looking for a reason to beef up my “little known facts” page, I volunteered!

So, ten things I love that start with (the letter she assigned me) the letter “H” are:

I love my HUSBAND. He’s my best friend. The bonus? He loves me back.

I love my HOME. Because it is within our means and a cozy, memory making, safe, happy, comfortable blessing. I am SO thankful, that a few years ago, when the real estate market was going crazy, we didn’t buy a house we really couldn’t afford. Our daily lives would be very different. Our house would own us.

I love The Hallelujah Chorus. Every year, I have to go to EPCOT for the Candlelight Processional and get my annual Hallelujah Chorus fix. I try to go when Marlee Matlin is narrating. The year before last, we sat in the front row, near the musical sign language interpreter. Marlee, front and center, signing the Christmas story and an extremely talented sign language interpreter practically right in front of me, signing the music. INCREDIBLE.

I love the song “Hip to Be Square” It’s my ringtone. It’s my motto. What’s a motto? Nothing. What’s the motto with you? (movie trivia again. where’s it from?)

I LOVE the sound of Happy Children. Especially my own. My daughter. Singing at the top of her lungs. Her own made up songs. Without a care in the world. My son. Singing to whatever is on his itouch. When he thinks I’m not listening. If you are out somewhere trying to shush a loud child, don’t ever do it on my account. I knew kids were loud before I had them myself.

I love my Honda Odyssey. Because it’s paid for. And it starts EVERY time I turn the key. Do I want a different/new vehicle? No. And again NO. Because I would have to pay for it.

I love strong, tight Harmony. The harmony that comes when people are perfectly in tune. When they know and sing their own unique part, smooth and steady, while at the same time, they listen and adapt to blend . . . just right. I LOVE harmony. Musically and otherwise. I prefer harmony over unison. Musically and otherwise.

Heat. DRY heat. Specifically, the 6 x 4 foot cedar sauna in my garage. I bought it on eBay over 6 years ago. Someone won it at a home show and didn’t want it. I was digging my heels in at the expense, but FirstHusband strongly encouraged it. I haven’t gotten tired of it. I used it today. And I’m already planning on using it tomorrow.

Health. I’m so thankful for it and I’m not taking my health or the health of my family and friends for granted. I do NOT want a handicap sticker for my car. NO THANKS. I’m getting stronger. I’m walking. I’m eating healthier.

I got stuck here at the end. Do I cheat? Something like, “Honkin Big Pile of Books” or “Huge cup of coffee?”

I asked FirstHusband what he thought. He immediately said “Hope.” I asked him what he meant and he said, “Whenever you run across someone who is in, what they believe to be, a hopeless situation, you don’t accept that the situation is hopeless. You encourage them to consider an option or a path they hadn’t considered before. You love hope.

He’s right. I can be annoying that way. I was talking with FavoriteSon just yesterday about a problem he had and I clearly remember saying:

“I’m not saying I know what you should do. I don’t have the answer right now. I just believe there IS one.”

Hope. He’s right. FirstHusband is my density.

Want to participate in this meme? Write about ten things you love that begin with the first letter of your MIDDLE name. Then come back and comment on this post and link up to yours!

6 thoughts on “This post brought to you by the letter “H”

  1. Terrific post! Hubby knows you so well; you’re like yin and yang, aren’t you?

    Stephanie – You know it. But wait – no guess on the “What’s the motto with you?” line? (by JSM)

  2. Ohmygoodness! Your hip to be square took me right back to summer of 1986 when I was sure I was in love with a guy named Mark and knew I was in love with a guy named Huey.

    I feel the urge to shop on iTunes!

  3. Ok…THAT movie line I got RIGHT AWAY – practically saw it coming before you said it even! But I’ll keep it to myself so as not to spoil the fun. Really! No lyin’! *wink*

  4. I made a 10 things post. It’s a lot harder than you think it will be! 🙂

    I’ll make a stab at the motto quote, too… does it involve a certain wart hog, meerkat and lion?

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