walking outside the lines.

What I’ve Learned this Week:

Twice now, I’ve walked the track during FavoriteSon’s track practice. Since they actually USE the track during track practice, I’ve been walking outside the outside lane (lane #8). I was able to get in 12 laps in an hour. Supposedly, 4 laps equal one mile. This confused me. I had gotten down to a 16 minute mile. Why is it taking me an hour to walk 3 miles? Then I realized. The 400 meter lap (or 1/4 mile lap) is measured on the INSIDE lane or lane #1. I was walking OUTSIDE the outside lane, often in the grass, sometimes up some steps and through the bleachers. I asked FavoriteSon if he knew the measurements. Nope.

So I Googled and came up with this Track Calculator. It turns out, on a standard high school or college track, with 42 inch lanes, there are some differences:

Walking the track 4 times:

Lane 1 – .994 miles
Lane 2 – 1.01 miles
Lane 3 – 1.028 miles
Lane 4 – 1.044 miles
Lane 5 – 1.061 miles
Lane 6 – 1.077 miles
Lane 7 – 1.094 miles
Lane 8 – 1.111 miles

So if I had walked 12 laps in lane #8, I would have walked 3.332 miles. But I didn’t walk in lane 8, I walked OUTSIDE of lane 8, and in the bleachers. The calculator didn’t measure that. And my (second) stupid pedometer can’t seem to measure it correctly either. I’ll just call it 3.332 miles.

I also learned that my online Exercise Log, which was supposed to keep me accountable, was for all intents and purposes, invisible. So I found a graphic to replace the text link. You can’t miss it now. When you click on the photo of the clock with the 10 pound hand weights, you can see whether I sat on my . . . couch all day or actually stuck with my action plan. I walked my 3.332 miles today to make up for the fact that I was a bum this weekend. My goal is 20 minutes a day, but right now, I’m trying to get 1.5 miles into that time. I’m currently at 1.5 miles at 22 minutes and holding. If I get to 20 minutes without getting shin splints, I’ll bump up the distance again.

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  1. You are indeed correct, that graphic stands out & begs to be clicked. I think that was a great idea to change it from a word link. You are also so clever to take advantage of the practice time to walk for yourself.

  2. Love your blog. Cannot possibly read everything. At least I can keep up (sorta) with you and yours.

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