Word-Filled Wednesday: Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9 (NIV)


A a devotional on this verse, entitled “be strong and courageous.” can be found on my Pragmatic Communion blog. Here’s an excerpt:

“. . . So we didn’t go to church. But what an amazing time together, listening to my children talk about their faith they way they never do when we are rushing through our day and our week. PinkGirl even forgot about the storm. Now, we can say: “Have I not commanded you . . . ” and she will repeat it and continue through the end of the verse.

I need that verse too. I mentioned that I am FINALLY going to get rid of my fibroids by having a hysterectomy this year. Things are progressing and the realization that I’m going to have another surgery and go under general anesthesia – which is scarier to me than any pain resulting from the surgery – is settling in. I HATE going under. See when I’m under, I have NO control over what’s happening. I have to trust OTHER PEOPLE with my LIFE. I’m continuing through the process, taking action one step at a time, but I know the night before the surgery is going to come with some Ambien.

What I need to see is GOD working through those people. Let me tell myself that again. I need to see GOD working through those other people. He’ll be there in the operating room with me because he loves me. He’ll be there in the operating room. He’ll be there in the operating room. He’ll be there . . .

What I also need to do is to stop feeling guilty about having this surgery. Thoughts creep in and out of my day – I could just live with the daily iron pills and frequent bleeding. It’s not like I have a “real” problem. I’ve had a pap smear, an internal and external sonogram, a cervical biopsy, and two different kinds of endometrial biopsies. There is no cancer, there are no polyps, nothing suspicious. Just annoying bleeding and low iron that can be treated with a daily supplement. But. I know that life will be better if my iron levels are normal. I know I will be more active if I don’t have to deal with the bleeding. I KNOW the surgery is the right thing to do. My hormone levels are completely normal – no sign of menopause. So if I wait for menopause to stop the bleeding, I’ll be waiting a very long time.

“Have I not commanded you . . .”

So here’s the step of faith . . . “

(Read the full devotional here.)

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7 thoughts on “Word-Filled Wednesday: Joshua 1:9

  1. Wow. Love this WFW! Praying for you as you face your hysterectomy. I had one in March of 2000 and haven’t missed my uterus yet! Happy WFW!

  2. love that verse and your pic is perfect! thank you for your devotional encouragement too. we all have things we fear, good reminder that God is with us in those “rooms”.

  3. Hi,

    I’m new to your blog! So nice to meet you. When I get time I need to check it out really good.

    Meanwhile, that’s such a PERFECT picture and great word! Funny too.

    Now, I went through the VERY SAME thing you did and I gave in after 5 years of suffering, low iron, etc.

    The BEST decision EVER!! I start living a whole new life, and enjoyed it so much more. I felt 100% better and my husband and kids enjoyed a new mom who wasn’t dragging around all the time.

    I’ll be praying for you!!


    Susan – I knew the SECOND I saw that photo that it was perfect for my verse today. It does make me laugh. I can’t WAIT for the energy and the unplanned spontaneity that will go with NEVER bleeding again! Thanks for your comment, it helps! (by JSM)

  4. This was the BEST decision, I know this full well! You are going to feel SOOOO much better!!!!

    LauraLee – I KNOW this in my mind, I just need to keep telling myself that in just a few short months, this will all be over and I will be where you are! (by JSM)

  5. Greetings Dear Friend,

    I am new to your blog and I will be adding you to my prayer list.

    I was very much like you….never afraid of dying because I knew I would go to heaven, but I do not like being knocked out where I am at the mercy of someone else. I would pray for the whole surgical team from the doctor to the person that takes you back and forth to their room and then I would have to repent to God for being of soooooo little faith.

    You will live a much fuller life when you are not bleeding all the time. I have had lots of surgeries but at 53 I have not had a hysterectomy…..i went into shock over a situation in my life 7 years ago and never had a menses since.

    Blessings to you and I will pray for you.


    Debbie – Thank you so much for adding me to your prayers. Most of the time, when I have surgery, I’m able to block it out until the day before, but there’s so much to do to prepare for this one, that it is constantly being brought to the forefront of my life. I prefer to bank my own blood, but with my iron low, they won’t let me yet. I have to build up the iron before I can bank the first unit, wait a few weeks before I can bank a second unit and then we schedule. It seems like every day, when I take that iron pill, I’m reminded and I pray. So, in a way, that daily pill is a prayer prompter. That part can’t be bad. Thanks for sharing your experience! Every time I read a comment like this I’m encouraged. (by JSM)

  6. What a great verse and your honesty is such a real part of you. Know we’ll be praying not only for you before and during the surgery, but for you to have a peaceful spirit – even the night before (but take the Ambien anyway!). You’re a strong, Godly woman – this is just a blip. You’re going to have so much more energy when this is over – you’ll probably outdo Pinkgirl! Love you.

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