ch ch ch changes.

I’ve decided to make some changes here at Pragmatic Compendium. I’m going to make it more of a compendium. Here are the changes:

1. I’m going to be republishing existing content from my other blogs into Compendium, so that this will be a one stop shop for all my posts. I’m doing this for a few reasons. First, I frequently can’t find my own posts because I can’t remember where I put them. Secondly, the stats from the other blogs don’t show much traffic from Compendium, so my readers are missing my posts. Compendium is only part of who I am. There’s more!

2. I’m going to keep the other blogs too and continue to publish in them. Every time I post in one of my other blogs, I will publish the exact same content in Compendium too.

Why not just put everything in Compendium and do away with the other blogs?
– The other blogs do get traffic, just not much from Compendium. Most traffic comes from subscription services/readers and search strings.
Pragmatic Communion is JUST for devotions. By still publishing in Communion, readers who only want to read the devotions don’t have to wade through everything else to find them.
Pragmatic Commotion is JUST for family stuff. Kid stories and quotes, photos, stuff like that. By still publishing in Commotion, friends and family who want to keep up with my family life don’t have to wade through everything else to find things only related to my family. I might not publish all the kid/family photos on Compendium. I’m not sure yet.
Pragmatic Communication is JUST about communication: talking, writing, reading, and listening. I’m revamping my business website and will be linking to communication “articles” in Pragmatic Communication. My communication clients want to read about communication tips without wading through recipes, my favorite youtube clips and everything else unrelated to communication.
Pragmatic Computing (my first blog, by the way) is JUST for computer tips and troubleshooting. It is also linked from my business website and my computer clients like to find computer tips without (again) wading through everything else.

3. I’ll be changing the sidebar widgets to remove the links to the last three posts on each of my other blogs. Since the content will already be within Compendium, readers don’t need to see the last three entries on those blogs. I will instead have a single link to each of the other blogs in the sidebar, in case readers want to JUST see devotions, or family stuff, or communication articles, or computer tips.

4. I think I will be removing links TO Compendium which currently appear in my other blogs. That means there will be no clear path BACK to Compendium when someone clicks over to one of the other blogs from here. However, ALL links from Compendium to the other blogs will open in a new window or tab, leaving the Compendium page open. My reasoning for this one?
– Communication and Computing? Clients don’t need to read such personal stuff about me. It makes things awkward for them. When I get to know a client better, I tell them about Compendium. I got a new client last week. A 64 year old man. He really doesn’t want to stumble upon my hysterectomy woes. Neither do I want him to. Talk about awkward.
– Communion – I haven’t decided whether to link back to Compendium yet. I think I’ll leave that two way clicking path available.
– Commotion? I will set all comments on Commotion to be approved before they appear.

5. I’m beefing up the categories and tags on all the blogs to, hopefully, make it easier for me readers to find posts about certain topics.

6. I haven’t decided how my menu bar at the top will change, but it will. (I’m open to suggestions.)

I LOVE my template, so it will NOT change.

So here’s a call for feedback! What else should I consider? What other changes should I make? What changes should I NOT make?

4 thoughts on “ch ch ch changes.

  1. Just last night, catching up on all my blog reading from the last few days (you are SO prolific!!!) I ended up posting the addresses from your other blogs into my Reader so I would know what you were referring to (yes, I know that’s bad grammar) without linking off of P.Compendium. I should have waited a few hours and then you’d have done the work for me. LOL!

  2. I think I have only ever been to Compendium! Glad everything will be here so I won’t miss stuff.

    My parents now read my blog, and while it does not really change what I blog about, it is now always at the back of my mind!

  3. I didn’t even KNOW about your other blogs! I haven’t really explored the side bars at all and now I’m glad you posted about this so I can check out your other blogs.

  4. I also have forgotten that you have other parts to your blog, although I have looked through them when you mention something being over there.

    I kept my blog family free for about 6 months after I started blogging consistently. I always had in my mind that I would share the blog with them, so I never wrote anything about them that I wouldn’t say to them, or had already lol Then one day I decided to send an email and tell them that I wrote something about my grandmother, who had just died. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share with them the link to my blog and to invite them over. Most of them do not read it unless I send them a link and say – Here, read this.

    My aunt reads it every morning and my mother reads it on the weekends – before she calls me I think LOL

    I think your blog is perfectly lovely and would be fine for your mother to see – but she isn’t my mother and I don’t know her 🙂

    You spent a lot of time thinking about how to make your blog better and seem to have a real good idea how you want your blog used. I can’t see anything that I would question. I did have one question, but you answered it 🙂

    Thanks for having your favorite blogs on the side – not sure if you said you were going to keep that, but I have always meant to tell you Thank You.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

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