chocolate strawberry bunnies

You may recognize the pink fingernails. I’ve posted videos from this lady before. She made chocolate Gobble Berries (turkeys) for Thanksgiving and spiders and ghosts for Halloween. Her level of patience is astounding.

Let me just state. My children will never eat bunnies such as these. This is way too close to crafting for me.

Besides, is it just me or do these bunnies look a little like rats? Their noses are way too pointy. Easter rats. No, that won’t catch on. Easter mice?

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3 thoughts on “chocolate strawberry bunnies

  1. That woman has way too much time on her hands.

    Her kitchen must be freezing for her to be able to handle those coated strawberries without smudging them.

    And my hands aren’t near that steady.

  2. I agree… looks too much like mice. Might be good to go with a Nutcracker theme (It makes me thing of the mice soldiers.) I could see doing something similar with Bakerella’s cake balls/truffles. Might be more rounded & cuter.

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