t minus 5 days.

It’s starting to get real. There’s a lot going on between now and Thursday. Regional Track meet. Softball. FirstHusband travel. Stuff. I need a little checklist for myself.

Two Days Ago: GYN pre-op appointment. Check.

This Morning: Hospital pre-op appointment. Check. No more supplements, no more prescription iron. Only Nexium for the reflux. And I can still take the B-12.

This Morning: Worked out w/Personal Trainer. Abs. Abs. Abs. Check.

Sunday Afternoon: Scheduled work out w/Personal Trainer. Abs. Abs. Abs. Check.

Monday Afternoon: Scheduled neck and shoulder pain relief massage. Check.

Tuesday Morning: Scheduled work out w/Personal Trainer. Abs. Abs. Abs. Check.

Tuesday Late Morning: Scheduled plastic surgeon pre-op appointment. Check.

Early Tuesday afternoon: Scheduled 5th acupuncture appointment. Check.
(I have NO idea whether this is doing anything.)

TMI: I’m supposed to “do a bowel prep” on Tuesday. If I recall, I have to drink something disgusting and stay home for the rest of the day.

Wednesday: Take an anti-biotic at 10am, 2pm and 10pm.

Wednesday: I’m not supposed to eat “anything substantial.” Supposed to “try and stay away from solid food.” I’m trying to look at it as a kind of fast. Hope I don’t get cranky.

Is chocolate solid food?

I should schedule stuff on Wednesday to distract me from food (and the thought of major surgery).

Wednesday Morning. Scheduled Cut & Color. Check. People will be standing over me. No roots in the hospital.

Wednesday Early Afternoon. Scheduled Mani-Pedi. Check. Seriously. A Mani-Pedi is REQUIRED for a hospital stay. Really. I’m sure I read it on the pre-op paperwork. I sure won’t be painting my toenails anytime soon. Better add a lip and brow wax to that visit.

Wednesday Evening. Scheduled “relaxing” massage. Check.

Thursday O Dark Thirty. Friend scheduled to drive me to the hospital. FirstHusband to get kids to school and meet me in pre-op.

Ambien prescription already refilled. Check.

7 thoughts on “t minus 5 days.

  1. No substantial food for two and a half days – sheesh, that’s some prep! I am going to put you on my prayer list. Surgery is a big deal in my book.

    Kristen – I was just talking about being hungry on Wednesday. I didn’t really think that through. Tuesday morning I’ve got to eat breakfast or I won’t make it through the workout. But the rest of Tuesday would sure make the prep easier and then all day Wednesday so as not to counteract the prep and then Thursday I get nothing till after recovery. If I’m not nauseous. I’m looking at the bright side. Losing a few pounds.

    I think it will be Thursday morning’s coffee I’ll miss the most. My last surgery, FirstHusband drove me. Fixed a pot of coffee in the house and took a travel mug for the ride. That was just mean. (by JSM)

  2. If I can do anything for you please let me know. I would also check about the mani/pedi, some surgeons don’t want your nails so they can’t see them. I think the nail polish impacts the performance of the pulse ox monitor (little clampy thing they put on your finger). Anyhoo – I’ll be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers.

    Heidi – Thanks! I didn’t know that about the polish. Interesting. Anyway, for years now, my standard is clear fingernails, red toes. Power toes. (by JSM)

  3. Heidi’s right–Dark nail polish will interfere with the interpretation of your oxygen readings. They would remove the polish from one nail and just use that finger all the time. However, clear polish will be fine.

  4. I was coming over to comment about the polish as well. They may make you take off your toenail polish too so they can check your circulation down there. Sometimes there’s a policy of no polish as well as no make-up. Besides the oxygen sensor on your finger, they like to be able to squeeze your toes (and sometimes fingers) to see how fast the nailbeds fill back up. It’s called “capillary refill.”

  5. Thinking of you and praying for you this week. It sounds like you are SO prepared, I’m impressed! Blessings for a quicker-than-you-imagined recovery.

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