distraction #1: Doofenshmirtz & “enator”

I’ve decided to focus on other things besides surgery. These other things do not need to be meaningful in any way. I might even read a fiction book. I know. FICTION. Recommendations? It needs to be very, very engaging so my mind doesn’t wander back to H-Day.

PinkGirl and I hit a moving sale on the way home from softball this morning and picked up a princess tent for $3.00. It is currently assembled in the family room (Thank you very much. I am tent impaired.) in front of the TV. Softball was HOT and we are staying inside for a while to dry cool off.

Watching Finnias & Ferb on the Disney Channel. Professor Doofenshmirtz is a guilty pleasure. He always has a “scheme” to “destroy” things in the “Tri-State area” with contraptions ending in “enator.”

Today, he will “DESTROY ANYONE WHO CAN’T MAKE UP THEIR MIND!” with the “Makeupyourmindenator.”


Where do you buy a giant snow globe anyway? I wonder if he’ll be charged return shipping.

I can’t help it. I just like the guy.

“enator” is now officially part of my personal idiom collection.

2 thoughts on “distraction #1: Doofenshmirtz & “enator”

  1. Fiction recommendation – the Twilight series. Seriously, crack for your brain. Only you won’t be hooked at the end. It is about vampires and such but not gross or violent really. Teeny bopper literature…. 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen Fineas and Ferb, but that was cute.

    Seriously. You have to read Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson. It’s the least Fictiony fiction book out there. I promise!!

    However, if you ARE looking for escapist fiction, the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is amazing. (not Christian, though!)

    Or the Mitford series by Jan Karon (Christian, very good)

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