selling point.

I’m completely open to whatever vehicle comes my way and I’m really appreciating all the suggestions and taking them into account as they relate to our budget. (I would LOVE the Honda Pilot, but eek. The price.)

So I’m perusing Craigslist today and I got my laugh of the day! Here’s the description and the BOLD text is why I’m laughing. (I bolded it.) Does this person know a selling point or WHAT?

2001 Honda Odyssey EX 77,500 miles 3.5L engine Forest Green exterior (good condition) with tan cloth interior (excellent condition). Power locks, power windows, AM/FM radio, CD player, A/C blows cold, power steering, cruise control, third row hide away bench, quad seats, power mirrors, air bags, auto. transmission, power sliding doors, rear A/C, rear defroster, ABS brakes, fold away third row, roof side rails, alloy wheels. Clean and in good condition, no accidents, non-smoker. My parents bought this car new in 2001. They are old and I never knew why they wanted a mini- van. It became mine 1 1/2 years ago. No small children have ever been in this van. It is very clean and has low miles for it’s age. I’m selling it because both of my kids are in college and I don’t need a big car.

Meanwhile, I feel like I’ve at least got to TRY get chocolate shake stain off the back seat of my van before it moves on to it’s next little family. They can create their own stains, they don’t need any “pre-existing conditions.”

(If you want to find out why I’m looking for a new vehicle, check it out!)

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  1. HAHAHA – that really is a good selling point! We looked at a van when we were in the market that was absolutely pristine on the outside, but inside the kids had taken black sharpie to the tan leather. I don’t see how they were still expecting to get $24k for that one!

    I love the Pilot, too! We test drove one, but TallHusband was absolutely against an SUV (boo!). They are pricey, but maybe you can come by a deal? Good hunting!

  2. LOVE the comment in bold–it lets you know immediately what you don’t have to worry about. 😀

    We got our minivan last year–found it through They will do a search for you for whatever you want within whatever price range you want in whatever mileage you want for whatever distance you are willing to drive. Definitely worth a check!

  3. I love reading Craig’s List. My husband reads it all the time and gives me the good ones, but I finally broke down and started reading through them a few weeks back. What a hoot!

    Kristin – The Goat

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