thankful. 11.23.09

I’m so thankful . . .

I’m thankful that FirstHusband is off this week and is picking up my slack BIG time as I work on a client project. We had a slumber party for 9 year old girls last night that lasted until after midnight. I got up and went to client site while he stayed home, made pancakes for breakfast and held down the fort till after lunch when the parents started picking up their girls. Our own little girl had an exhausting, wonderful time and she thinks her daddy is the bomb!

I’m thankful that FirstHusband cleaned out the fridge to get ready for the plethora of food we will need to stuff inside over the next few days. I’m thankful that he’s the KING of the smoker during the holidays and that he loves to cook big elaborate meals. I’m thankful that he is such a GREAT cook!


I’m participating in a month of Thanksgiving hosted by Rebecca Writes. If you want to join in, post something you are thankful for and then link up over at Rebecca’s blog!

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