thankful. 11.25.09

I’m so thankful . . .

Working full+ days recently has reminded me that I am SO thankful that I don’t (normally) have to work full-time. My daughter is really missing me and while I feel guilty about that, I’m also thankful for the experience because she too is realizing what a blessing it is that I pick her up every day after school and that I get to spend so much time with her every day. She and her brother are off from school this week and my husband is on vacation leave, so they’ve spent the week together. Yesterday, on the phone, after I’d been gone from the house all day, she said:

“Now I know how my friends feel when they have to go to after care every day. They don’t get to see their mom and dad as much as me.”

Heart wrenching. Part of me loves and wants to do the work. Part of me wants to be home with my family. My prayers today are for all the families who struggle with those same feelings – all the time.

I’m participating in a month of Thanksgiving hosted by Rebecca Writes. If you want to join in, post something you are thankful for and then link up over at Rebecca’s blog!

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