WFMW Backwards Edition: What’s your best/favorite/unique effective PARENTING TIP?

This week, the Works for Me Wednesday blog carnival is reversed. Instead of posting a great idea that works for me, I’m supposed to ask for tips.   So here’s the deal.  I’ve been outlining a book about pragmatic parenting and I’m looking for ideas outside my own resources and experience.

What is your best/favorite/unique/effective PARENTING TIP?

It can be a tip about ANYTHING.   Regardless of the age or gender of the child – it can be pragmatic practices, logistics, shaping character, spiritual development, allowances, scheduling extra-curricular activities, nurturing talents and skills, potty training, dealing with tantrums, bedtime and sleeping habits, developing relationships with your teenager, cell phone limits, family policies, dealing with schoolwork, sibling relationships, dealing with a parent who travels a lot . . . ANYTHING that worked or is working for you!

Comment or write your own blog post and link to it in a comment.  Share one tip or many!


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3 thoughts on “WFMW Backwards Edition: What’s your best/favorite/unique effective PARENTING TIP?

  1. I am thinking on this. Off the top of my head I would have to say it is to be intentional in your parenting. My parenting mentor challenged me to consider what my 3 year old’s habit of lying would be like at 13. (Or any behavior of disobedience) That sure changed my perspective on how to shepherd his heart regarding being trustworthy in his speech and habits while 3. Thinking of the ruts that would occur if I allowed it to continue put the proper “fear of God” into my priorities.

    I’ll keep thinking.

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