that’s not the view I expected.

Here’s what I’ve been looking at for years:
(click the photos to zoom in)

A few months ago, while having some quiet time on the back porch, I prayed, “God, I know this is selfish, but if there’s anyway you could clear the pond so the view is prettier, I would really appreciate it.”

Then, earlier this month, out of the blue, God said “no problem.”

Notice the guy in the little bulldozer (or whatever it is) on the left bank of the pond:

He just drives that little powerhouse right through all those weeds, pushing them to the edge of the pond :

A few more passes and we start to see a pond:

Then, after we returned home from visiting family over Thanksgiving, we found they had cleared the entire pond. Here’s the other side:

All that was left was clearing the edges, which they were doing today:

Until this happened:

For a while I couldn’t look away. But then I got bored. They still haven’t fished it out. It was suggested that I take video and send it to the news.

No way. Those guys would immediately know where the camera was located.

And I love those guys. They’re clearing my pond for me. No way would I embarrass them on the news. Just on the internet.

They’re the hands and feet of Jesus, clearing a pond. Because God can do anything, big and small. At the same time.


They brought in enough dirt to completely surround the sunken excavator and are now pumping water out of the little mini-pond they created. It’s looking worse before it looks better:

4 thoughts on “that’s not the view I expected.

  1. When we came back to our other house, we were amazed at what had happened while we were gone! It’s amazing! We’ve wanted that to be a real pond for so long, and they finally did it when we moved. 😐

    You know, you could go over to our backyard if you wanted to take a video. They won’t see us around!

  2. Husband once accidentally sunk his tractor into a bog. Humbling and later funny incident to recount. Glad you’re going to get that “waterfront” property.

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