I’m the ringmaster of the 3 ring circus that I fondly call my home.

The exercise log isn’t looking too good this month. I’m waaaay down on the mileage. As of yesterday, I had only walked 25.5 miles, compared to 34 in October and 62 in September!

This won’t do.

So today, I got on the treadmill with my laptop tray determined to get some work done and log some miles at the same time. Didn’t finish my work, but had to get off the treadmill anyway because the clocks are ticking too fast today!

5.5 miles in 96 minutes! Woo Hoo!

Now sauna, shower, quick lunch, bank run, kid pickup, early dinner, recording tonight.

I find it amusing that tonight is the night I’m going to record “I’m a Mom.” In addition to being in the middle of the making of another squirrel/possibly bird nest in the chimney story, having to rig my van to get me through the next two days before I can arrange being without it long enough to get it fixed, and all the other craziness I don’t have time to type about, I’ll be abandoning my family for four hours on a school night while I stand in a recording studio and sing this:

“I’m the ringmaster of the three ring circus that I fondly call my home. I’m a peacekeeper, part time preacher, coach and chaperone. I’m the head carpooler, the golden ruler and my life’s a marathon. I’m a hard working woman, I’m a mom.”

I hope the homework gets done.

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