Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirt. or the spirit of a large black woman.

YESTERDAY, I agreed to sing this song with someone TONIGHT at a Bethune-Cookman Gospel Choir concert at First United Methodist Church of Oviedo. My first attempt at singing black gospel, with less than 24 hours to prepare.

What was I THINKING?

I’m asking myself, “Do I have enough soul to pull this off?”

Lord, as I prepare to sing black gospel for the first time tonight, I pray that you will fill me with your Holy Spirit. Or the spirit of a large black woman. or both. you know best. Amen.

You know, it’s just like exercise, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it 100%. If I’m THERE, I’m going to give it all I’ve got.

Lord, help me!

UPDATE: That was some SERIOUS fun! However, I have once again been reminded that I am incapable of singing and clapping at the same time. I chose to sing and let everyone else clap. It’s okay that I can’t sing and clap at the same time, I didn’t even try. It wouldn’t have turned out well. Besides, I’m not going to contaminate the one intuitive thing I do (sing praise songs) by forcing choreography just because it’s expected by other people. I’m intentional about SO many things in my life, I NEED to let go when I sing. Last night, I sang to and for the Lord and found myself raising my hands – intuitively. I pray that He found my offering beautiful.

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