this is new. part 1.

Last week, as FavoriteSon and I were preparing to go to to a rehearsal before an evening church service, he said: “Mom. Get something to eat. I know you’re not hungry, but you don’t get hungry, so you need to eat something before you get a headache.”

He knows me.

I don’t get hungry these days. And it’s not that I don’t eat and then become ravenous and overeat later. I just don’t get hungry.

this is new.

Food used to be a driving force in my life. In the mornings I would wonder if I had the time or money to run through a McDonalds drive-thru for breakfast. Pancakes? A stack of three at least. Butter AND syrup. Chocolate chip pancakes? make it four. Eggs? They came with bacon, cheese grits and toast with butter. Bagels had two halves and the cream cheese was slathered. Then I would spend the morning thinking about what I would have for lunch. Standard drive through was McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Fries and a Diet Coke – supersized or three tacos, nachos supreme and a burrito supreme from Taco Bell. Dinner was always big and I would eat out every chance I could get, whether I could afford it or not. Nachos. Burgers. Fried anything. Take home boxes? Never asked for one. Never needed one.

Food was my favorite hobby, a source of entertainment, a way to show love . . . a coping strategy.

now? not so much.

Now, my life is so full that I have to remind myself to eat. And when I say “full” I don’t mean busy. I don’t just fill my discretionary time with activity, I fill that time doing things I LOVE – and it doesn’t leave room for an eating hobby. Now, I set alarms on my phone and computer to prompt me to stop what I’m doing and eat lunch and snacks. Now, in my efforts to keep my metabolism somewhat stable, I’m trying to eat something every 3 hours or so, I carry snacks in my purse and my van.

and sometimes, my son reminds me to eat.

How did I get to this place? I have my theories, so check back for “this is new. part 2.”

One thought on “this is new. part 1.

  1. Oh, to have that problem! I’m currently in the “have ovulated and never feel full” point of my cycle. Which happened RIGHT after Christmas, so my “I’d like to eat better now that the holidays are over” thing kind of got derailed. Will be over this point by the weekend, but oh, how I hate it!

    And I LOVE the fact that FSon reminds you to eat–knows you well enough to know that you need reminding. That speaks a lot about your relationship!

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