and that’s all I have to say about that: Charlie Sheen

So far, I haven’t seen or heard any Charlie Sheen interviews. I haven’t read any of his quotes. I’ve only seen FB comments about him. I haven’t sought out any info on the internet about what’s happening in his life these days. Since I don’t watch much TV, it’s been easy to avoid/miss.

I’ve decided to pray for the guy. A relationship with God would change his life.

I’m also praying for his five children. My natural instinct is to view him from their perspective. They want their daddy to show them he loves them, and he can’t. Every child deserves to be cherished by their daddy.

Lord, please use every person and every situation in Charlie Sheen’s life to bring him to the place where he can’t deny you. Please help him to see and accept that you love him unconditionally. Please move in his life to encourage him to abandon his pride. Please give him the courage to be humble in your presence. Please use this situation for your good and glory.

Please comfort Charlie Sheen’s children. Please protect them. Help their moms protect them. Please help them find you, Lord, their heavenly father.

2 thoughts on “and that’s all I have to say about that: Charlie Sheen

  1. I, too, have missed out on the hoopla because I don’t watch the news or E! or any of the other media watch shows. I feel rather sorry for him–he obviously needs some serious help and isn’t getting it.

  2. I’ve been avoiding the “news” on this, also. What a perfect response you’ve shared here! I’ve chosen to pray for other celebrities who seem to be spiraling when standing in the grocery store line inundated by the gossip magazine headlines, too. I appreciate what you shared here.

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