hamster dreams.

PinkGirl, snuggling with me this morning: “I had a really good sleep, did you?”

Me: “mmm hhmm. What did you dream about?”

PinkGirl: “Hamsters.”

Of course she did.

Two weeks ago, she was nagging asking us for a dog. I take full credit for the shift to hamsters. I am the master of distraction.

Me, to FirstHusband: “I’m the one who shifted PinkGirl from dogs to hamsters, right? That idea came at you, not from you…”

FirstHusband: “yeah.” (pause) “So, you know how the Marines fight?”

Me: “No.”

FirstHusband: “They take a little bit of territory and grow from there.”

Me: “Who are you talking about? Me? or the hamsters?”

FirstHusband: “my daughter.”

Pshh. She’s been growing her territory since the day she was born.

I think I’m going garage saling. Top on my list? Hamster habitat, hopefully with a silent wheel.

All hamster advice is actively welcomed and appreciated. We’ve been told that Teddy Bear hamsters are the most docile and friendly, that the colored fill stuff works just as well as pine shavings in the cage and that they are nocturnal.

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