please let this be a shared blessing.

I had another mountaintop recording experience last night. So profoundly thankful to the Lord for equipping me to do what I did, from leading me in my song selection to providing me with physical stamina to blessing my voice.

I actually struggled with my song selection, originally deciding to sing “Sweetly Broken.” But I just couldn’t seem to send the confirmation email with the track and lyrics.

Finally, five days past the submission deadline, I changed my mind and decided on Kristian Stanfield’s version of “Jesus Paid It All.” It had been in the worship set just two days before and I had spent the prior week rehearsing it, so it was nearly ready.

Part of me wondered if I was gravitating to Jesus Paid It All because of the lyrics. Easter is April 24th and the guys mixing the recording will be listening to these lyrics during the entire month of April. I began praying for the session and specifically for the people who would be present at the session and mixing the recording afterward. I’m praying again today…

Lord, I pray for the guys at the recording session last night. I only know their names, not their stories. I pray that through the session last night, and the music and lyrics they will be listening to over the next month as they mix the song, you will move in their lives in a deeply personal way.

– If they don’t know you, please use my offering to help draw them to a saving faith in you.
– If they do know you, I pray that they will be encouraged in their faith.
– If they know you, but have forgotten you, please use this song and my voice and witness to remind them of you and give them a relentless passion for your intimate companionship.

Lord, I’m so thankful for every opportunity to record. Even if nothing ever comes of these recordings, the studio sessions themselves are such an overwhelming blessing to me. I pray that these sessions would be shared blessings; that the other people involved would be blessed by these experiences too. If your plan is for me to share any of the recordings with others, please lead me to the person who can mix and master them. I trust that you can provide me with compensated work so I can earn the money needed to compensate that person and pay the licensing fees.

Regardless of when or whether that ever happens, I’m going to continue recording until you lead me in another direction. I’m going to continue moving forward until you say stop, rather than sitting still and waiting for you to say GO.

I also prayed yesterday that God would, in some way, bless me with encouragement. As I drafted this post, the mail came and in it, the rough mixes from last month’s recording session of “Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me).” I had re-recorded it because my voice had changed so much after months of voice lessons. I’m listening to them right now. Thank you Lord, for answered prayer.

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  1. great song! i hope i could hear your rendition 🙂

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    Blessings to you 🙂

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