a smack on the back of the head.

FirstHusband to me on the phone: “Your day has changed.”

Me: “How?”

FirstHusband: “You’re going to buy a book. The abridged ‘Count of Monte Cristo'”

Me: “Smack FavoriteSon on the back of the head for me.”

background noise: “HEY!”

FirstHusband, to FavoriteSon: “Just doing what your mom told me to.”

FavoriteSon: “oh.”

I HATE paying retail for a book! FavoriteSon’s known he needed this for a week. I could have gotten it used. online. And considering the entire sophomore class is supposed to bring this book to school tomorrow, I have a feeling it wouldn’t be easy finding it in stock in any brick and mortar store nearby.

Later, when I see FavoriteSon face to face at home…

Me, to FavoriteSon: “Do you get points if you bring this book to class tomorrow?”

FavoriteSon: “No. I have to read the first 9 chapters by tomorrow.”

Me: “Com’ere, so I can smack you on the back of the head.”

FavoriteSon: “No thank you.”

Then, PinkGirl said, “What about Kindle?”

FavoriteSon: “oh yeh! we’re allowed to do that!”

Me to FirstHusband, who was in reach of FavoriteSon: “Smack him again.”

FavoriteSon’s signature grin.

SMART GIRL! We all have ipod touch Kindle apps! $5.99 download. Done.

He better read those nine chapters, or…you guessed it. smack.

One thought on “a smack on the back of the head.

  1. Too funny! Leave it to Beaver meets the 21rst century–though I don’t think either June or Ward smacked Wally upside the head! lol

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